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Anyone who wants to search the Orange County Clerk of Courts (Florida) and search Mohammed Shaikh, you can match all his information in "Kissimmee" and see that Mohammed Shaikh that has ruined any chance we all have of having productive, business/professional-minded Linkedin Discussion, is that same Mohammed Sharique Shaikh that is convicted of Domestic Violence, and Stalking against his wife and children, and has lost every appeal for his FEDERAL deportation proceedings. This is PUBLIC INFORMATION.

Mohammed is a FRAUD and a LIAR, and has absolutely ZERO EB-5 Experience.

Consider yourself forewarned of the lies and manipulation of this worthless individual/business broker

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FYI, Asif Lakhani is a liar and I can challenge him to prove that a) he paid me even a penny, b) He was ever my client.I do business honestly and these losers who post false statements are jealous of my track record.

I'm actually challenging these losers to post evidence to substantiate their false allegations. Mr.

Lakhani, can you please post a copy of the cancelled cheque and contract to prove you were EVER my client?Come on, go ahead, we're all waiting.


Asif Lakhani and the other poster are liars.If they have actually reported me, why don't they post the complaint details and also let us know what happened to the complaint?

The pathetic losers who made this false post under anonymous and false names are just frustrated competitors who've lost business to me.

In case you wish to learn the truth, please contact the Orange County Clerk of Courts to confirm that I've NO criminal convictions.As for the deportation allegations, if I was deported or ordered deported, why am I still living legally in the US and doing business while my competitors are losing clients to me?

Fact is, I actually do have the longest and most successful track record for EB-5 visas in the US and these anonymous posts were simply put up by business rivals jealous of my success.

Orlando, Florida, United States #664198

I have been scammed by Mohammed!!! I found his website and met him in Orlando, paid him 45,000 and never got my Green Card.

Mohammed Shaikh is a total Scam Artist! I am contacting the authorities!

He is located at 7000 Stonehedge Drive, Orlando, FL 32819.

His phone number is +1 407 535 0616.

You can reach us at +1 407 535 0616 and or email us at


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Mohammed Shaikh of SmartBusinessBroker is a Criminal, Fraud, and LIAR!

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Mohammed "Sharique" Shaikh of 2323 Caravelle Circle, Kissimmee, FL 34746, Phone: +1 407 535 0616 is a Convicted Violent Offender, Liar, Fraud, and currently going through Deportation Proceedings.

Beware of this Individual! He touts to be a "Business Broker" but will only steal your money, and give you nothing in return! He is running from deportation and has lost every appeal.

His other company is Hamza Tech!

He claims on his website to offer Business & Real Estate Brokerage, Escrow Services, and EB-5 Visa services. He is not capable, he has no experience, and he is a complete Liar!

Review about: Mohammed Shaikh.

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